Automatic Filters

Automatic Filters

Azud India Private Limited

Azud India Pvt Ltd offers Automatic Filters. The Azud Helix Auatomatic range of filters offers multiple combinations to achieve an efficient and economic filtration solution, which can be adapted to various water conditions in the industrial, municipal, environmental, agricultural and landscaping markets. The range of HELIX Azud filters include: Azud Helix Automatic LP: The LP Systems are designed for systems that have a low working pressure. Apart from the 3 way valve used on the standard AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC system, a second valve is included for each filtration station. A common manifold connects them. Azud Helix Automatic Sea Water: This equipment is designed specifically to handle high concentrations of dissolved salts in water. Internal and external parts of the filter incorporate compatible components to withstand usual conditions in this type of application. Azud Helix Automatic AA: This equipment allows the use of Disc Filtration in applications where minimal water loss is desired. Incorporating air in the backwash process decreases the amount of water used in the backwash process by about 80%. Azud Helix Automatic HP: This equipment supplies the same filtration quality as the standard disc filter, with the ability of working with pressures from 3-16 bar (45-230 psi). All the manifolds, base, lids, and connection pipes are made of metal. The control unit incorporates a differential pressure gauge and a second pressure gauge controlling the maximum pressure which offers auxiliary protection under working conditions outside of the recommended parameters.


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  • Its patented design and high quality  material guarantee an extended life with high resistance.
  • Optimizes the performance and minimizes the frequency of maintenance
  • Maximum saving of water with efficiency in backwashing. Large filtering area. AZUD offers discs from 5 to 500 micron.
  • Versatility and compatibility.  The system permits a wide range of possibilities with a minimal number of components
  • Equipment is pre-assembled.
  • No tools required for maintenance. Maximum resistance with movable parts not susceptible to wear and tear due to continuous operation.


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