Auto Recloser Control Unit With Metering Unit

  • It has three phase over current and earth fault protection. It is programmable operating characteristics; programmable auto reclosing facility.
  • It is independent trip sequence setting (IDMT / Def. time); under voltage blocking for breaker close; trip counter; fault zone indication; breaker inal-operation indication; it has auto/manual control; breaker status indication; trivector meter to record energy and load parameters; ammeter and voltmeter with selector switch; separate cabinets for control unit and meter unit, which are mechanically fastened together; cabinet suitable for different types of pole mounting.
  • Its application include: Electrical power for rural areas is supplied by 11kV overhead lines. It has exposed to several faults like, lightning, heavy wind, fall of tree branches, fault created by animals / birds etc. When a fault occurs, the protection system trips the circuit breaker to prevent / minimize the damage. 
  • It is expected to locate the fault, clear and then restore the supply by reclosing the circuit breaker. It takes more time between power outage and restoration. More than 70% of the faults are observed to be temporary / transient in nature. Hence, power outage time can be reduced if the reclosing function is automated and carefully planned.