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Aluminum is a corrosion-resistant metal due to a film Of aluminum oxide that occurs naturally on its surface. Anodizing is an applied finish by an electrochemical process. It thickens the natural oxide film on the aluminum and imparts to the metal surface the extream hardness, corrosion and wear resistance of the oxide. Airpipe is anodized to AA10 which signifies a 10-micron depth of anodizing.

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How Airpipe is 100% leak proof Proper Jointing system. A pipe will fit at its place only. There is no welding required in AIRpipe installation Dual (NBR & FKM) seals are provided with 10 years guarantee – modified generation. Not so much skill is required to install the AIRpipe. A small training is enough. There is no corrosion in pipe or connectors due to its MOC (Aluminium alloy) Expansion Contraction is taken care of in the connectors. There are very few threaded connections in the system. Safety screw is provided to prevent loosening of nuts due to vibration
Technical Specification:- • Working temperature: -20°C to +70°C (-30°C to +80°C*-30°C to +80°C • Maximum working pressure: 15bar • Vacuum Degree: 0.13 bar absolute pressure • Compatible with compressed oil • Fireproof (Meet UL-90-VC standard) • Suitable for outdoor installation • Size from 20mm to 200mm
Energy Efficient Corrosion Resistance Quick Installation Neat Appearance 100% Leak proof Guaranteed for 10 Years Unique Features of AIRpipe: Metallic (Aluminium) connectors Dual Sealing Safety screw on the connectors Easy Maintenance Anodized Internal Surface

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