2T Oil

2T Oil

Sprint Lubricant

Sprint Lubricant offers 2T Oil. Sprint 2T – Oil is self mixing oil with fuels – Petrol, CNG etc. Recommended for Scooters, Motorcycles, Mopeds with 2-Stroke engines, Gensets, Three – wheelers, Sprayers, Pumps, Chainsaws, Tillers, Pesticide blowers etc. The recommended fuel – oil ratio depending on engine manufacturer’s guidelines.

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  • Environmental Friendly
  • Reduce Carbon deposits
  • Instant start
  • Fuel economy and better engine life
  • Reduces exhaust smoke
  • Faster pick-up
  • Reduce spark plug fouling
  • Keeps Piston skirt clean
  • Low ash content
  • Contains balanced detergent and dispersant additives
  • AVAILABLE PACKS: – 210 L, 110 L, 55 L, 20 L, 10L, 5L, 1L, 500ml

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