Edible Oil Extraction

Edible Oil Extraction

Sifter International

Sifter International offers Edible Oil Extraction. Edible oil is extracted by expeller and solvent extraction method. Then the crude oil is refined to make it edible. The process involves in preparing the oil seeds for oil extraction is expelling / extraction by solvents and then refining it for human consumption. The process involves in the preparation of oil seeds for expeller / solvent extraction plant are cleaning of seeds, removal of stones, crushing of seeds, cooking of the seed grits, flacking, extruding expanding, drying and cooling. Now the seed is prepared for sending it to solvent extraction plant. The prepared seeds are then feed to extractor for extraction of crude oil. In the extractor they get miscella and deoiled cake. The deoiled cake is then transferred to meal desolventising section for removal of solvent present in the cake. The miscella is then distilled in the distillation section to get crude oil & separate solvent. These solvent is recycled to extractor. The crude oil extracted in the solvent extraction unit is transferred to refining unit to get the edible oil.

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