Metrology Systems

Metrology Systems

Hytek Marketing

Hytek Marketing offers Metrology System, SmartScope FIash 200. This video measuring system is innovative and has a compact design and can also be configured as a cost-effective multi-sensor system with optional laser and/or touch probe, to deliver the most productive general-purpose dimensional measuring system available. The "elevating bridge" design creates the most compact system of any machine with comparable measurement capacity. The volume of the entire system, including computer, is under 0.3 m3. Built-in accuracy - axial straightness and perpendicularity are machined in, while camera alignment and lens parfocalisation are pre-adjusted at the factory. Precision optics - flash 200 has a high-quality 12:1 zoom lens that provides excellent optical performance over its entire range. Illumination - patented profile illumination features a fixed array of white LED lights beneath the stage glass that light as required as the optical system moves in the X-axis. Flash also has a TTL coaxial LED surface illuminator and the patented SmartRing light as standard equipment. Metrology software - flash includes the robust yet easy to use Measure-X metrology software. Specifications: range - X axis - 200 mm; Y-axis - 200 mm; Z-axis - 150 mm.

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