Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

Ambica Crushtech Private Limited

The Jaw Crusher is used to crush hard, abrasive materials and this will crush any minerals. The double toggle jaw crusher in such a way that the slipping tendency of the material is reduced to the bare minimum. The jaw stock and location of the hinge point on the centre line of the crushing zone ensures the motion of the jaw plate is squarely against the material. The material is gripped and crushed immediately and there is almost no rubbing action. The jaw crushers differ substantially from other types of crushers. There is no rotary motion in the crushing cycle and all crushing is done by compression of the feed material between two massive jaws. The jaw plates can be either smooth or corrugated. While one jaw is fixed, the other jaw pivots about a top hinge. This moving jaw is shaped to move firmly and squarely against the material. There is no rubbing or grinding, only compression, which produces a generally cubical product with minimum fines. The moving jaw is so balanced that fully 95% of the drive motor power is used for crushing, while only 5% of the power is needed to move the jaw itself. As a result of this high mechanical efficiency, smaller motors may be used, keeping power cost Behind the stationery jaw are shims used to compensate for plate wear and to adjust the closed side setting. For protection from uncrushable, there is also an automatic drive disengagement feature that acts instantaneously on the moveable jaw assembly. The crushers accept feed sizes and produce a nominal product size as small. The product size is determined by the distance between the lower end of the jaws. This gap dimension may be adjusted by shims behind the stationery jaw assembly. These crushers may be choke fed from hoppers or conveyors. The basic jaw crusher design is modified for glass crushing by changing to special corrugated plates, called “cullet plates” on to the jaws. These cullet plates meet and intermesh to provide complete crushing of the glass.

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