Fluid Energy Pulverisers (Air Jet Mills)

Fluid Energy Pulverisers (Air Jet Mills)

Sparkler Ceramics Private Limited

Fluid Energy Pulverizing (FEP) has attained importance for pulverising and classifying all sorts of hard, brittle, soft or agglomerate materials to low micron (1-10 micron) fineness with negligible contamination in dry state. The Sparkler fluid energy pulveriser (FEP) has no moving parts. The required input energy for the grinding action is derived from the compressed air, which is fed into mill through two diametrically opposed nozzles. The solid feed particles are air entrained through the hopper in one of the nozzles and are accelerated to relatively great speeds, where they impact at high kinetic energy levels in an impact chamber, where the size reduction is effected. The stream of pulverized particles in fluid suspension is directed tangentially into a static classification chamber. The finest particles (from 30 to 60%) spiral through a central opening in the rear face of the chamber. Final separation from the fluid takes place in a bag collector/bag filter or cyclone and collecting vessel. Those particles, which are oversized and have escaped fracture (40 to 70%), continue their path on the periphery of the classification chamber due to centrifugal force. On account of the second nozzle, the oversized product is swept out of the chamber tangentially and recycled to the grinding chamber with new in-feed material on a continuous basis. There is freedom from contamination as the mills are lined with replaceable linings of either polyurethane or stainless steel AISI 316. These mills are highly energy efficient as the design embodying impact of opposing jets, coupled with the integral static classifier, is four times more productive than the orthodox spiral design. These mills are available in five models, viz., FEP-1 Research, FEP-2 Laboratory, FEP-3 Pilot Plant, FEP-4 and FEP-5 production models. These mills also conform to GMP specifications for API pharma grinding.

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