Tunnel Mucking Machine

Tunnel Mucking Machine

Susumo Engineering

S-Muck is a new mucking machine developed by Susumo for de-mucking during tunnel building. De-mucking in narrow tunnels was always a problem. This machine is specially designed to solve the above problem, where other Indian machines were unable to give desired results. Construction: it consists of an excavating arm and a conveyor. The arm is made up of four parts unlike three parts on usual excavator. Due to this four-part structure the arm can fold itself in a very small space. This helps in giving higher reach with lower turning radius. The arm and conveyor are mounted on a self-propelled 4 wheel chassis. Working: the machine arm pulls all the blasted rock into the conveyor hopper. The conveyor carries all the material to a height of 2.25 mtr. A dumper stands under the conveyor and gets loaded. After all the mucking is done the machine retreats to a pocket in the tunnel to take shelter during the next blast. Utility: it is useful for de-mucking all tunnels from 2 mtr to 5.5 mtr diameter.

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