Pre Fabricated Structures

Pre Fabricated Structures

Joyous Marketing & Impex Private Limited

Joyous Marketing & Impex Pvt Ltd is engaged in supply of individual components used in Pre Fabricated Structures, which are roofing sheets, insulated panels (PUF panels or cement board EPS panels) and decking sheets.

The company interacts with clients to fully understand their total requirements:

  • Prepares a 3D model as discussed
  • Demonstrates to align with their vision
  • On approvals, commences production
  • Then transports to site and erects quickly
  • Entirely finished exteriors
  • Finally finish the interiors

  • Cost – economically beneficial, easy to erect, which requires minimal skilled force and more built up area
  • Speed – very short construction time, and mass production of affordable housing projects made possible
  • Sustainable – minimal disruption at work site, minimal construction waste, easy relocation and recycle process and dry construction ensures water conservation
  • Quality – automated manufacturing ensures consistent quality control and dimensional accuracy and long term recurring savings due to better insulation which reduces energy cost.

Joyous Marketing & Impex Pvt Ltd came into being to bridge the gap between the exponential infrastructure needs and inability of traditional construction systems to fulfil those. Though a relatively new company, it is guided by highly professional and motivated team, whose primary objective is to achieve superlative quality in manufacturing prefabricated structures and insulated panels. At a modernised manufacturing facility, the company ensures prime quality and precise control system guarantees well-defined tolerances of panels making the entire system robust and durable.

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