Cleaners & Construction Chemicals

Cleaners & Construction Chemicals

J N Oil & Chemicals (India)

J N Oil & Chemicals (India) is an IS/ISO 9001-2000 certified bulk manufacturer of a range of Cleaners and Construction Chemicals. Located in Excise free, sales tax exempt and income tax exempt zone of the Kashmir Valley, the company contract manufactures phenyls, polishes, cleaners, car care products, home care products and construction chemicals manufactured with best quality materials at lowest rates, with excellent service in full truck load/barrels/tanker loads. The range includes: toilet cleaners, tile cleaners, marble cleaners, white disinfectant floor cleaner (white phenyl), black disinfectant cresoli liquid ( black phenyl), glass cleaner, hand wash soap, car coolant, car polishes, car shampoo, drain cleaner, rapidite range of construction chemicals and other chemical compounds. Among the customers are exporters, traders and contractors of hygiene maintenance and housekeeping companies, domestic market, armed forces, railways, paramilitary forces, CSD, hospitals and medical equipment suppliers, contractors and multi-store organisations, shopping mall companies, re-packers and liaisoning companies.

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