Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation Systems

Texmo Pipes & Products Limited

Texmo Pipes & Products Limited offers Drip Irrigation Systems. Drip Irrigation System provides ample water, fertilizer and electricity in the irrigation of different types of crops such as banana, grapes and oranges. Moulded from quality tested raw material, these irrigation systems helps in mixing the fertilizer with water and provide drop by drop to the roots of the plant which will be most efficient way for healthy growth of plant and also saves fertilizers, water and time.


  • Foremost advantages of using drip irrigation systems will lead 100% better quality of crop.
  • This drip irrigation systems enables 50% - 70% water saving than other traditional or conventional system because here water is gradually circulated up to the roots of the plants.
  • The drip irrigation systems can be successfully installed on any uneven land surface.
  • Drip irrigation systems provides uniform distribution of fertilizers, pesticides & manures proportionally to the plants with out wastage of fertilizers, pesticides, manures, water & time. This system is economically beneficial.
  • This system provides gradual distribution of water required to near by roots of the plant and to avoid unnecessary split of excess water around the surface, which will lead to the growth of weeds that may inhibit the growth of plant.
  • Drip irrigation systems not only provide the better quality of crop but also yield more crop by 1 ½ to 2 times.

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