Heat Exchangers, Finned Tube

Heat Exchangers, Finned Tube


Enersys offers arrange of Finned Tube Heat Exchangers/coils for heating and cooling applications for compact and very high efficiency heat transfer applications. Enersys, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified, techno-professionally sound company and with a strong management, has core competence in designing and manufacturing of heat exchangers (finned tube, coil tube, shell & tube), radiators, air heaters, air coolers/condensers, pressure vessels, air/water pre heaters, heat recovery units, limpet/jacketed reactors, condensers, chillers, economisers, hot water generators, thermic fluid heaters, mixers, separators, chimneys and tanks, etc. The company specialises in design and manufacturing of process equipment, related consultancy services and solutions required for process optimisation and coherence. The products are manufactured using sophisticated technology and are developed/designed on the basis of specifications discussed with the client.

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  • Materials of construction for tubes and fins – stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminium
  • Pressure/temperature range – up to 40 kg/cm2 and 350ºC
  • Heat transfer media – steam, hot water, condensates, thermic fluid, flue gas (exhausts from boiler, DG set, furnace, kiln, etc), hot air from process, hot oils, chilled water, refrigerants, etc

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