PVC Resin

PVC Resin

Power2SME Private Limited

Power2SME Pvt Ltd offers PVC Resin. Poly Vinyl Chloride Resin or PVC Resin as it is popularly called, is a thermoplastic Resin which can be softened on reheating. A common term for this commodity polymer is Vinyl. Often available in the form of a powder, PVC granules are highly resistant to oxidisation and degradation caused by atmospheric reaction.  In its raw form, it appears as a white powdery solid. The composition of PVC is such that 57 % is chlorine and 43% is carbon. Since the process of deriving PVC Resin granules is rarely dependent on petroleum, it is considered as one of the more renewable plastics. According to its appearance and flexibility, PVC is categorised into the following two categories: Rigid PVC: Use in construction, Flexible PVC: The granules are made softer by the addition of plasticisers,etc. PVC Resin is manufactured by the polymerisation of the vinyl chloride monomer. According to the method of polymerisation.

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