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BorgWarner launches EGR valves that reduce NOX and CO

  • 11-Mar-2019

BorgWarner is producing this clean and efficient technology solution locally in Korea for the first time... Read More

US-based auto component maker BorgWarner expands Tamil Nadu facility

  • 01-Feb-2019

The new 43,000-sq ft facility has a VCT production line which provides localised manufacturing in Kakkalur, Tamil Nadu... Read More

BorgWarner to showcase clean and efficient technologies at SIAT EXPO in Pune

  • 17-Dec-2018

Some of the products to be exhibited will include exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technologies, the advanced exhaust heat recovery system (EHRS), variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbocharger among others.... Read More

BorgWarner opens new production line in Tamil Nadu

  • 01-Oct-2018

The US-based auto component supplier BorgWarner on September 21, 2018 opened its expanded facility in Kakkalur, Tamil Nadu. With its leading-edge production line for advanced engine timing and variable cam timing (VCT) systems... Read More

BorgWarner inaugurates new production plant in China

  • 01-Oct-2018

The new plant, located in Wuhan, will significantly expand propulsion system capability and capacity for hybrid and electric vehicles... Read More

BorgWarner’s technology converts waste heat into electrical energy

  • 01-Oct-2018

Ever-stringent emissions regulations as well as rising fuel prices call for innovative solutions – such as BorgWarner’s Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) waste heat recovery system, which is new to the commercial vehicle sector... Read More

BorgWarner opens new production line in Tamil Nadu

  • 24-Sep-2018

New VCT production line provides localised manufacturing in Kakkalur, Tamil Nadu... Read More

BorgWarner’s technology improves cabin comfort for NIO ES8 electric SUV

  • 29-Aug-2018

Its efficient air heating solution quickly warms the cabin for maximum comfort and rapidly defrosts windows for visibility... Read More

BorgWarner to start production of new exhaust heat recovery system

  • 01-Aug-2018

Aimed at hybrid electric vehicles, the innovative EHRS improves fuel economy by up to 8.5 per cent and reduces emissions significantly... Read More

BorgWarner’s VCT technology improves efficiency of Hyundai’s engine

  • 02-May-2018

BorgWarner’s latest variable cam timing (VCT) system delivers improved engine efficiency and fuel economy for the new Hyundai Gamma II engine. For the engine’s intake valve timing, BorgWarner supplies a variable force solenoid (VFS) and patented passive torsional assist (TA) phaser with mid-position lock (MPL) and integrated center bolt hydraulic control valve. For exhaust valve timing, the company supplies the VFS and TA phaser with integrated center bolt valve. The 1.6-liter I4 gasoline engine... Read More

BorgWarner receives 2018 Automotive News PACE award for innovative electric motor technology

  • 11-Apr-2018

Automotive News awarded BorgWarner with a prestigious 2018 PACE Award for its groundbreaking S-wind wire forming technology for electric motors and alternators. The game-changing manufacturing process enables high-volume production of high-voltage electric motors up to 350 volts.... Read More