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EMAG offers perfect technology for making electric motor

  • 01-Jan-2019

The company’s eldec induction technology is a perfect heating and hardening solutions for electric motor construction.... Read More

Energy efficient motors must for sustainability: ICA India

  • 01-Dec-2018

The conference on energy efficiency, environment & technology was focused on the theme “Driving energy efficiency through innovations & collaborations”. ... Read More

Han-Smart Industrial Power Outlet DC: The secure connection in the smart grid

  • 01-Aug-2018

A modified, DC-based network infrastructure can support both the energy transition by increasing the efficiency of power distribution, as well as by better responding to the specific energy needs of Industry 4.0.... Read More

Birdseye view on motors and drives

  • 01-Mar-2018

With the increasing advancements in manufacturing applications causing more demand for automation solutions across multiple sectors, IPF takes a tour in the market of motors and drives.... Read More

Motors and drive systems in the water industry

  • 01-Aug-2017

The water industry provides one of our most vital resources right to our doorstep, but the processes that are required to maintain this service are numerous and provide many challenges in terms of efficiency and reliability. One of the most crucial components within the water treatment and delivery process is the humble electric motor, which along with its associated drive systems, provide the power necessary to keep the cycle in motion.... Read More