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Organic corrosion inhibitor reduces construction time & costs, extends life

November 2016 – Cortec Corporation has launched a new patented, organic-based concrete admixture in powder form, MCI®-2008 ViaCorr, which combines the company’s exclusive Migratory Corrosion Inhibition Technology with a polycarboxylate based, superplastisising, viscosity modifier. MCI-2008 ViaCorr offers engineers, owners, contractors, DOTs, and government agencies exclusive corrosion inhibiting technology that will extend the life of all reinforced concrete structures and reduce construction time as well as equipment costs and manpower for placing and compacting.

MCI- 2008 is recommended as an additive for self-levelling concrete used in:

• All reinforced, precast, prestressed, and posttensioned concrete structures
• Steel-reinforced concrete bridges, highways, roads, and buildings exposed to corrosive environments (carbonation, deicing salts, and atmospheric attack)
• All reinforced marine concrete structures
• Concrete piers, piles, pillars, pipes, utility poles and architectural concrete
• Restoration and repair of all reinforced concrete
• Self-leveling underlayments, and
• Specialty shaped concrete slabs.

MCI-2008 ViaCorr protects carbon steel, galvanized steel and other metals embedded in concrete from corrosion induced by carbonation, chloride and atmospheric attack. When incorporated into the concrete mix, MCI-2008 ViaCorr seeks out and forms a corrosion inhibiting protective layer on metals. When used with repair mortars and grouts, MCI- 2008 ViaCorr will migrate to undisturbed concrete, providing effective corrosion protection to rebar already in place.


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