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IMTEX 2017: New Garant MasterSteel PickPocket provides more flexibility for milling

Bangalore/Pune, January 31, 2017 – Hoffmann Group is launching a new universal milling cutter for high-performance steel cutting from the MasterSteel product range. The Garant MasterSteel PickPocket is designed for all milling disciplines. The tool is suitable for milling slots and pockets, as well as for side milling. However, its manoeuvrability for ramping and helical milling makes it particularly impressive. This all-rounder even achieves outstanding performance for drilling. The Garant MasterSteel PickPocket is therefore the ideal tool for anyone who is looking for a flexible solution for a wide range of tasks with a single solid carbide mill.

The new cutter features an innovative front cutter geometry with three cutting edges and a drill tip recessed towards the milling shaft. The concept with three cutting edges enables very large flutes in comparison with a classic four-cutter design, which is why swarf can be routed away better. This makes the tool an excellent match for aggressive ramping and plunging.

The outstanding smooth cutting action and stability of the tool are due to the unevenly spaced end face and a dynamic helical pitch, together with a special core diameter increase. The crescent shape of the end face makes the cutting edges particularly robust for plunging and ramping. At the same time, the positive rake of the solid carbide mill makes it very free-cutting and therefore ideally suited for machining fragile and thin-walled components.

Hoffmann Group is expanding its GARANT MasterSteel product range with the new GARANT MasterSteel PickPocket universal milling cutter. In the summer of 2015, the first solid carbide mills from the range opened up a new performance class for solid carbide milling cutters. With these, Hoffmann Group offers state-of-the-art high-performance millers for any application.


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