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YASDA develops high-precision vertical machining center PX30i

The PX30i has highly rigid integrated portal structure for superior precision and heavy duty cutting. The machine has symmetrical construction for minimising thermal deformation.
YASDA, one of the global leaders in ultra-precision machines, offers 5-axis high precision vertical machining center PX30i to customers with a top quality, highly reliable machine tool for the machine shop market, and OEM users in high end automotive, aviation, medical equipment. YASDA has focused on precision, reliability, automation and versatility all at a cost effective price for this high precision 5-Axis machining center. In India, Arhan Technologies’ Machine Tools division will support sales and service of these machines.
The PX30i is outstanding in versatile 5-axis applications, precision in parts, drilling, face milling, boring, milling from and excellent for hardened steel, tough materials like titanium and inconel. The PX30i has an excellent design for automation, usability and productivity. 
PX30i has become popular in Japan, USA and European market due to its unprecedented machine design features and specifications. 
PX30i has large work envelope. The PX30i has highly rigid integrated portal structure for superior precision and heavy duty cutting. The machine has symmetrical construction for minimizing thermal deformation. Equipped with a highly rigid and high precision B/C-axis tilting rotary table unit is mounted on Y-axis, minimising weight differences in movable bodies of each axis, and setting the heavy movable bodies to lower center of gravity. The C-axis has Direct Drive precision motor. The machine has superior precision linear roller guides and mounted at the straightness of 1 micron. 
YASDA’s unique technology of the preload self-adjusting spindle that applies a large preload at lower-speed rotation while preload decreases in accordance with the amount of heat generation of the spindle bearings at high-speed rotation. A two coil type spindle motor is employed for realizing both high speed and low speed rotation at high torque drive. In addition, the slim nose shape ensures good accessibility to workpieces. Cooling oil is circulated in the spindle and spindle motor to ensure minimum amount of heat is generated at heavy duty cutting. 
PX30i is designed to meet global top requirements in automation, consistent production. ATC Tool capacity of 323 tools allows long time continuous machining and large volume production. ATC operation is through easy to understand icon based touch panel system. The machine has a standard 33 Sets of pallets with stocker system, largest in its class to allow 24 hours unattended production even on holidays. PX30i also use latest, unique operating system connecting operator and machine in most modern way.
PX30i has achieved outstanding accuracy of 3.1 microns of circularity in a tilted cone machining test according to NAS979 standard, which is commonly used for simultaneous 5-axis machining accuracy. PX30i has optical scale feedback for precise positioning. 
The PX30i has many optional features of tool length/ radius probing, Thermal displacement compensation, and many more to allow longer unattended production with highest possible precision.  
The PX30i perform different kinds of high accurate face machining, 5-axis simultaneous machining, hence it is considered as workhorse for customers with the most demanding accuracy, quality and diversified production requirements of high mix of parts with various sizes and complicated shapes.


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