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US-based Unipower plans expansion in India for power solutions

March 12, 2018, Greater Noida

The US- headquartered Unipower Llc will expand its service solutions by offering a complete range of products for the DC power market in India. Traditionally known for servicing telecom, utility, RE (renewable energy), EV (electric vehicle) and datacom markets, Unipower’s utility market solutions have deployed to provide reliable, backed up DC power for critical management and control systems. The company will be previewing its range of solutions at the Elecrama show, held in Greater Noida from March 10-14, 2018.  

“Our NPS and IPS solutions are sought-after in North America, Europe and South America. We are excited to share our diverse range of power solutions at Elecrama, and we look forward to harboring new relationships and seeing the growth of the India markets firsthand,” said John Ely, Vice President of Marketing.

With a diverse catalog, Unipower offers solutions ranging from: rectifiers and converters, distribution panels, battery chargers, power supplies, system controllers, DC Power systems and batteries. Unipower provides power for mission critical applications, with a complete line of the high-efficiency rectifiers, battery chargers, inverters and complete AC/DC power systems.


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