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This is the correct time to enter Indian industrial cleaning market

A fast-growing cleaning and hygiene company, Fonzo Equipment deals in many professional, domestic, economic and automobile sectors. The offering of products and services include cleaning automation systems, cleaning machinery and equipment and onsite cleaning services. With mechanised cleaning and maintenance of coaches, depot premises and train yards, the company also provides services in garbage disposal using trained manpower and specialised disposal systems. In a conversation with Shashank Chaurey, C K Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Fonzo Equipment Pvt Ltd, discusses multiple aspects of industrial cleaning equipment market in India.
Industrial cleaning market is expected to be worth $ 50.24 billion by 2020 globally. Where do you think the Indian market stands and how is the present market status?
Indian market stands at $ 6.93 billion in which $ 526 million is of cleaning chemicals which is a small portion of the global markets worth but let me tell you one thing, this should not be passed upon as low market potential rather as a market where so much can be done as rest of the developed counties are reaching to its saturation but India is an emerging market. Also citizen mentality and government schemes such as Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan has also given the much desire push to industrial cleaning market as a whole. So my suggestion is, if anyone wants to enter in this domain this is the correct time.
Which are the major end users of the industrial cleaning market in India and how many does your company cater to?
Major user consists of manufacturing units such as chemical, automobile, iron and steel, health care industries, food and pharma and facilities group. We cater to all major industries and Fonzo sells them concept not just the equipment. Different industries have different requirements like food processing or pharma will have different norms from steel manufacturer and so they should be advised accordingly based on norms and government guidelines.
Could you elaborate on the product lineup offered and which are the featured one receiving more demand from the market?
Major products can be divided in three categories like machines or equipment, industrial chemicals and tools. Fonzo provides all three categories, the demands vary from industry to industry and even as per categories like manufacturing units will have high demand for machinery than healthcare but cleaning chemicals demands will be high in health care units (No. of enquires or repeat orders)
Any services also provided with respect to the industrial cleaning market?
Yes! Fonzo probably is the first company in the country which also does consultancy work on cleaning and hygiene. The program is designed and developed by us after understanding the nascent needs in this field of cleaning and hygiene and has been in-sync with today’s world of automation and modernisation.
What are the major advantages for end-users while investing in the industrial cleaning equipment and services?
There are plenty advantages from reducing the labour cost to providing a more productive work area, reduction in accidents to improvement of health for both directly involved in cleaning and indirect consumers. Just remember one of the major causes of industrial revolution was dingy work place. So its high time now that industries should accept this also as one of the major parameters of sustainably and growth and not just a regulation which they have follow as formality.
What are the major factors that lead to competition in this market? What are the measures taken by your company to counter this competition?
Well completion is good for the market till the time it is healthy but major problems which we face is not with the big names or established brands it’s the local vendors whose sole purpose is selling their products at minimal price and not the concept. Till the time there will be only price wars and parameters such as the efficiency, health, safety, proper service, are neglected, this sector will not see an organic growth. We fight them with our one stop solution and our concept of cleaning and hygiene which we educate our clients with the help of seminars, videos and research papers but retail market is still a challenge.
How much do you think are the Indian industries aware of the importance of keeping the working conditions clean?
Indian Industries are not the early adopters but rather late majority. The good thing is that earlier majority was lying with the laggards who were not changing their age old cleaning approach. At least now they are adopting procedures slowly but steadily after they are realising how much they can be benefited with correct cleaning approach.  
What are the emerging trends and opportunities in the Indian industrial cleaning market?
The emerging trend in Indian cleaning market is that people are going for automation and also at the same time they don’t want to compromise on environment and health which is a good sign for sustainable development for this industries as whole.
Are technologies being developed indigenously by the companies in India?
Sadly No. We are majorly reliable on western or Chinese innovation in technology but in terms of service some innovation is happening at our end for safety and environment friendly approach. So mainly process innovation is happening now.
What is the present condition of imports and exports of the industrial cleaning equipment in India?
Mainly imports of equipment is happening with very few names on the export list from India and that too in tools and cleaning chemicals. We need innovative mind from premiers B-schools which can see this field as career opportunity in long terms will also help in reducing the deficit. 
With the country's current industrial cleaning market worth Rs 45 billion approximately, what are the factors that would lead to the growth of the cleaning industry in the next 5 years?
The sector needs to be organised if organic growth has to be achieved for which we need big international players to directly invest in India. Also educating the end users about the cleaning and hygiene importance both immediately as well in long term will accelerate the growth.


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