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Tanla firewalls India's leading telco from fraudulent international SMS transactions

Tanla, a cloud communication provider, processing over 90 billion business communications annually, announces the commercial deployment of its international long-distance SMS hub with a leading mobile operator in India. The hub is a benefit rich, integrated and regulatory compliant platform developed, deployed in record time and managed by Tanla for monetising international SMS. It offers an all-inclusive SMS firewall, carriage and termination service delivered via a single connection to a centralised hub deployed in the telco network.
Tanla's next generation SMS hub platform underpinned by a best-in-class telecom network significantly improves customer experience by speedy delivery of messages. The intelligence of the platform ensures prioritisation of delivery for time-sensitive messages like OTPs, thereby resulting in a multi-fold increase in conversion rates of transactions and user acquisitions.
"With the deployment of the international long-distance hub, Tanla and our partner telco together have enabled businesses with a cost-effective and deliver efficient service ecosystem thereby creating a stronger value for enterprises and rich experience for mobile subscribers," said Tanla CMD, Uday Reddy.
International long-distance SMS hub is expected to further strengthen Tanla and the telco's market positioning, optimising network resources and generating additional revenues from international SMS traffic terminating into India.


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