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Supporting fire safety

Formed in 2012, Sri Lakshmi Fire Controls is known for applying new strategies in fire control systems and, is also an expert in providing customised solutions for industrial requirements. AS Venkatkrishna, Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lakshmi Fire Controls, speaks on the various products offered by the company.
What are the main industry segments that your company caters to?
We supply online and offline automatic fire protection systems to a wide range of industries including plastic, textile, food, wood, paper, oil, coal and logistics. The company’s product requirements is also much higher – almost all in hot air exhaust pipeline applications, waste collection system filters, etc. irrespective of industrial segment. Also, we supply spark detectors to detect spark/fire among the production material, which moves on conveyor belts.
What are your company’s new products and innovations? 
As a new product, we only supply high-sensitive special type day light spark detectors, which detects real spark/fire even in daylight conditions. Other generic detectors will detect fire only and that too in dark areas. No false alarm will happen. This product has universal application irrespective of industries where sunlight or other external light is present.
We supply earlier response automatic smoke detection systems, which works on air sampling method designed with LOGICSENS fire pattern recognition for godowns, where high value fire sensitive materials are stored. This is 1000 times more sensitive than generic smoke detectors and there will be no false alarm.
We also supply online metal detector to detect metals present in the moving material inside the pneumatic conveying pipe. It moves at maximum speed of 30 m/sec. It will be removed immediately.
What is your experience in terms of change and growth in the manufacturing sector with the present Government?
In my experience, in the manufacturing sector, technology advancement has improved a lot. Also, quality improvements on quality, their clarity has also increased. It drives us for more innovations, improvements and much awareness in precise manner in all aspects.
Meanwhile, the production cost is increasing and it is not possible to match with the product price increase. Hence, profit margin decreases gradually. To balance this, we have to manufacture or sell in high volume. To achieve this, customer satisfaction is more important.
The “Make in India” initiative was announced by the Government to support the manufacturing sector. But, it still seems that they are concentrating on service sector than manufacturing. Real “Make in India” should happen. More supportive initiations and implementations have to be made in a rapid manner.
Also, the Government should take further more steps to avoid more fluctuation in Indian currency appreciation. The present policy on fuel prices should be reviewed. Also, the review of duties on imported items should be done. 
The implementation of GST seems a good decision. Let us wait and see the impact of this in the coming days.
What medium are you currently using for marketing your products/services?
We are giving periodical advertisements in industrial magazines. We are also participating in expos, trade fairs and catalogue shows. As usual, we are aggressively doing direct marketing. Especially in our case, references also helps us a lot because of our product quality and excellent service.


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