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Static Hydraulic celebrates Silver Jubilee

The Kolkata-based Static Hydraulic Pvt Ltd, one of the leading players in the field of oil hydraulic systems, recently completed 25 years of successful operations in India. Static Hydraulic Pvt Ltd was founded in 1993 in Kolkata by a group of engineers having exclusive experience in the field of oil hydraulic systems.
“With over 60 years of collective experience of working with companies like Vickers Systems International, Rexroth, Yuken India and other reputed hydraulics system manufacturers, we had in depth knowledge of the subject and are able to solve all hydraulic issues. Capitalising on the above experience, we started our venture to manufacture hydraulic systems and other components. Today we feel proud of ourselves for having the confidence of the customers where we have supplied our systems, which are running satisfactorily for years,” said Sanajit Lahiri, Managing Director, Static Hydraulic Pvt Ltd.
Static Hydraulic has the expertise and exclusive experience in the field of design, application engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, modification, commissioning and other allied jobs pertaining to oil hydraulic systems. These include a wide range of equipment such as: hydraulic power packs; hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders; hydraulic presses (up to 300 tonnes); hydraulic scissor lifts; hydraulic truck tipplers; hydraulic shearing machines; hydraulic shock absorber testing machines; automated car parking systems; compression testing machines; bogie static load testing machines; helical coil spring testing machines; rail straightening presses; synchronised hydraulic coach lifters; portable filtering units; and hydraulic components and accessories.
Static Hydraulic’s innovative and skilled engineers are experts in designing and manufacturing hydraulic power packs, cylinders, presses and SPMs according to changing trends of the industry at cost effective prices. Applications and key customers of hydraulic systems include: Defense Research Organisations Ordinance Factory Boards; Indian Army, Navy and Air Force workshops; Indian Railways; ports and ship building yards; steel, power and cement industries; industrial and machine tools applications; paper, rubber and industrial furnaces; and mining and material handling, etc.
Jayanta Dey, Director, Static Hydraulic, added, “Static Hydraulic manufactures tailor made products as per customers’ requirements.
These are either critical applications or having critical operational requirement. Our USP is the range of systems we have supplied for critical applications throughout the industry sector. We can design a simple hydraulic cylinder or the most complex hydraulic power pack for RHT system for helicopter on Naval Ship. We are a quality conscious company where utmost importance is given to manufacture industrial hydraulic products complying with current industry demands.”
The company’s two factories in West Bengal (Howrah and Behala) are equipped with the most modern facilities and equipment. Static Hydraulic is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.
The company has many firsts to its credit. “Two developments stand out as ‘First to Build’ in India. These application developments have given us huge momentum and established us as a reputed brand. The first is the helicopter handling device for naval vessels. We are the first company in India to have developed this system. Earlier the same was being imported from Western Europe or USA by shipyards. The other is the pull back apparatus for Bofors guns. We are again, the first to develop the system for the Indian Army. All the Bofors guns in India have our systems for testing their recoiling properties,” said Sanajit Lahiri.
Speaking about the future plans, “We are looking forward to put an ultramodern hydraulic cylinder manufacturing facility in Kolkata and also expand our existing facilities to meet the demands of the industry.”
The company’s achievements
From the very beginning Static Hydraulic had been developing systems for most critical applications such as:
  • Helicopter handling device for naval vessels
  • Pull back apparatus for Bofors guns
  • Shock absorber testing machine and bogie lifting system for Indian Railways, and
  • Complete rolling mill hydraulic systems in India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, etc


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