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Spiro Gears to set up new unit at Pune

As a part of its growth strategy, the Bengaluru-headquartered Spiro Gears is setting up a new manufacturing unit in Pune, Maharashtra. “Spiro Gears is coming up with a new plant in Pune at Talawade,” said the company in a press statement. 
Spiro Gears, an ISO 9001-2015 company, offers a wide variety of spiral bevel, spur, helical gears and shafts for electric power tools, earth moving equipment, textile machinery, agriculture machinery, two wheeler, armature, spring charger motors, geared motors and various other application. The company excels in manufacturing small mire gears and medium range of gears on its imported bevel gear generating machines and hobbing machines. 
The company manufactures high quality spiral bevel gears from 0.6 module to 1.5 module and spur and helical gears (hobbed, shaved and ground) ranging from 0.3 module to 6 module. Spiral bevel gears are precision cut from alloy steel on sophisticated gear generating machines using Klingelnberg system. The gear teeth are carburised, case hardened with a softer core to provide greater wear resistance and to sustain heavy impact loads. Heat treatment is done in controlled sealed quenched furnaces to minimise teeth distortion and to attain desired mechanical properties. Spur and helical gears are either induction hardened or case hardened to meet the customer requirement. Spiro Gears also manufacture gears as per customer specification and also do job work like CNC gear hobbing, CNC gear grinding, gear shaving, etc.


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