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Siemens introduces new servo drive system Simatic Micro-Drive

Siemens is extending its drive portfolio in the safety extra-low voltage range for DC/EC motors with 24 to 48 V by introducing a new servo drive system known as Simatic Micro-Drive. The new system offers scope for individual combination with UL-certified components and comprises the PDC (Profidrive Control) servo converter in conjunction with a flexible range of motors and connecting cables. Simple connection to Simatic controllers helps significantly reduce the engineering workload, while integration into Siemens automation technology over the TIA Portal makes for simple commissioning and servicing. Communication takes place over Profinet IRT using Profisafe und Profidrive profiles. The new saftey integrated function SLT (safely limited torque) restricts torque by monitoring motor current in running operation.
The integrated drive system comes in four different housing sizes for motor outputs of between 0.05 and 1 kilowatts. In each of the motor output versions, the 4-quadrant drive features an integrated disconnectible brake chopper, which enables regenerative braking during battery operation. All the system’s motion control functions are supplemented by additional controllers such as Simatic and Simotion. The STO, SS1, SLT, SLS and SSM safety integrated functions are included with the Simatic Micro-Drive F and FIO variants, while the SBC safety function only comes with the FIO variants. In operation, they use the safety I/Os of the FIO variants.
The TIA Portal can be used to activate every one of the safety functions. 


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