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Siemens and MineSense to cooperate for real-time measurement of mined ore

With ore grades declining, plus added pressures such as rising energy costs and water restrictions, it is increasingly difficult for mining companies to competitively fulfil customer demand by delivering material on time, in the right quantity, and to the defined quality. To address this, Siemens and MineSense, have formed an exclusive cooperation on the real-time measurement of ore grade and ore characteristics for conveyors. By combining each party’s strengths, the resulting joint solution will for the first time provide real-time measurement of ore grades and byproducts by MineSense’s BeltSense in combination with a single material and quality management system, Siemens Simine MAQ. This new and comprehensive approach will enable customers to significantly increase efficiency via a single view of quality across the whole conveying process.
“As an established innovation leader in Industry 4.0, Siemens is committed to enabling mining companies worldwide to optimize their entire process chain despite evolving challenges – by delivering a completely integrated solution that connects to all levels of the company from individual sensors to Enterprise Resource Planning,” said Roland Ehrl, Executive Vice President, Siemens Minerals.
Jeff More, CEO, MineSense, added, “MineSense is dedicated to improving the profitability and sustainability of mining by applying pioneering digital mining solutions that combat the challenges of declining grades via superior ore-waste classifications. A focus on value drives our approach to improving routing, increasing recoveries, reducing processing costs, and increasing profitability.”
MineSense, a British Columbia-based company, is a pioneer in industrial IoT providing real-time, sensor-based ore data and sorting solutions for large-scale mines. The Company’s fast, scalable, and robust mineral-sensing platform creates transformational value by providing precise, accurate, real-time grade control and ore routing decisions at the point of extraction for maximum resource conversion and metal recovery, reducing the CO2 emissions and the consumption of wear materials, energy, water and reagents during the whole mining process.


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