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Shenoy Engg to launch portable 3-axes CNC milling machine

Shenoy Engg Pvt Ltd, the Bangalore based special purpose machine (SPM) manufacturers, is in the process of introducing an unique, portable CNC milling machine with multipurpose capabilities. This machine is exclaimed to be light in weight (500 kgs in CI body & 320 kgs in aluminum body, except panel), rich in features, performance & accuracy, yet affordable.
It is most useful for at-sight maintenance work like removing of broken fasteners, reconditioning of the damaged threads, drilling, tapping, slot milling, interpolation enabled profile milling etc.  Maintenance of pumps, turbine cases, heat exchangers, engine blocks etc find this machine quite useful. The portable, 3-axes CNC mill, drill machine is ideally suited for small batch production, even one-off production, quickly, precisely and repeatedly. The CNC controlled axes movements and interpolation are enabled through a well designed and smart, function-monitoring system. Apart from critical maintenance work, the machine can find its ultimate utility in one-off and small batch production of components, having difficult contours with utmost precision. Its low cost price tag and user-friendly features make the machine instant popular for training the students in engineering institutes.
It is capable of drilling upto Ø 24 mm in steel. It can do thread milling upto Ø 300 on OD through helical interpolation. It can tap upto M20 through tapping attachment. It mills with Ø 63 mm cutter x 1.5 mm depth of cut. The multi axes interpolation facilitates producing of round and square bores, apart from surface milling.
Stroke length of longitudinal X axis and cross Y axis are 300 mm; and vertical (Z) axis has a stroke length of 400. Smooth, accurate, quick axes movement are facilitated through the combination of axes feed servo motors, precision LM Guides and preloaded & high accuracy ball screws. Axes movement feed rates are designed to vary from 30 to 6,000 mm per minute. The feedback is through servo motor encoder. Positioning accuracy is ensured in ±10μm for 300 mm and repeatability is ensured in 10μm.
The ISO-40 spindle is supported by high precision, matched pair angular contact bearings, which are lubricated for life. The arbor is clamped through manual draw bar. The spindle speeds steplessly vary from 500 to 2800 RPM through timer pulley mechanism, in combination with VFD controlled 5 HP AC induction motor. For axes feed, CNC controller Siemens – Sinumerik 808 D are used.
For details, contact Shenoy Engg Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, on Tel: 080 2836 1767/2836 1725, Mob: 092434 37487, email: or visit 


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