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Salvagnini to launch Social Industry concept at IMTEX Forming 2018

Flexible automation and process efficiency are the cornerstones upon which Salvagnini has developed its range of products: intelligent solutions capable of producing a wide variety of pieces in sequence, without interruption, thanks to set-up in masked time and automation devices that reduce the WIP and eliminate the intervention of man in low value added operations.
The fourth industrial revolution is a natural evolution for Salvagnini. The implementation of several connected machines working in an automatic factory operating with lights-out is dated 1985 and it could be considered one of the first industrial embryos of Factory 4.0, a milestone for companies destined to stand out in the future. A confirmation of the innovation-oriented DNA that features Salvagnini since the origin.
Nowadays, Salvagnini offers autonomous, independent solutions that are easy to program and use, are automated and interconnected, talk and communicate intrinsically and bi-directionally with each other and with the surrounding environment, creating a more linear and advantageous process for the efficient and effective production 
of pieces.
At IMTEX Forming 2018, Salvagnini takes another step forward and for the two-year period 2018-2019 will launch the Social Industry mood, a concept that combines two apparently far dimensions but which in reality resemble and complement one another:
Social in its widest sense: digital, democratic, sensitive, responsive, virtual and with respect for man and the environment; Industry, industrial, comprehensive of concepts linked to the world of the factory and manufacturing processes And it is precisely this relationship, the synthesis of these two worlds, that lead us to reflect on and to redefine the manufacturing reality 4.0 in a dimension focused on the future: a dynamic reality, a complex yet inclusive ecosystem, made up of heterogeneous elements, humans, software, machines and environment that talk horizontally among themselves.
The use of IT makes the machines more intelligent, easier to control, easier to connect to each other and the outside world, simpler and more intuitive to use and maintain. The development of the network and digital communication make the exchange of data and information faster and simpler.
The market is conscious of these new potentialities and requires greater reaction, instant responses and ever increasing customisations.
These innovations, as well as the development of technologies and skills as part of Internet of Things (IoT), represent the backbone of the evolution that Industry 4.0 is defining, both in how to produce as well as how to conceive the processing machines and technology.
The term social here is highly worthy and significant in terms of:
Perception/reaction/production: That is, machines and intelligent and adaptive systems that feel, react and adapt to the variations to produce correctly, without waste, automatically and within the required time;
Connection between community and groups: That is, sharing projects, ideas and data on common platforms (LINKS);
Environmental awareness: That is, reduction of materials consumed and waste, that defines themselves in perfectly functional technology as well as from an entrepreneurial point of view (MAC 2.0)
Care for humankind: that is, awareness of workers’ safety, their working well-being, excellent ergonomics and the democratic use of machinery that becomes easy to use and program.


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