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SW sees huge opportunity due to E-mobility: Tobias Trautmann

Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (SW) is leading global manufacturer of multi-spindle machining centers. By using SW machines, the user can achieve higher actual output than with four one-spindle machines, thus saving energy and money with every cycle. At the same time, the user is able to handle significantly higher production capacity in the same work area. As a system partner, SW also plans complete manufacturing lines for its customers and set them up with automation perfectly tailored to the customer’s components – all from a single provider. In India, SW supplies multi-spindle machining centers through EMAG.  In this interview, Tobias Trautmann, Sales Director Key Accounts, Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, states the importance of SW machines and its plans for India.
How is Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen (SW) GmbH supporting the growth of industry?
Based in Waldmössingen (South Germany) SW provides multi-spindle machines that offer highly efficient and high-precision manufacturing of components for vehicle powertrains, machine construction and precision engineering.
What is your opinion about Indian machine tools industry, in general, and metal cutting sector, in particular?
India is an interesting market for us. There are several potential customers who want to produce efficiency specifically if they looking into high volume production. 
How do you serve the metal cutting sector in India? What kind of opportunities are you looking at in India? 
In India, SW works together with EMAG as our dealer. We are looking for projects from industries such as automotive, medical as well as watch. 
What are your plans to tap the automotive & auto component industry in India?
We do serve the automotive & auto component industry with our products. Major areas in the automotive industry are for production of the following parts turbocharger wheel and housing; gearbox and gearbox cover; chassis; brake systems; ABS blocks; fluid components; pump housing and components; structure parts; battery housing and other parts for the E-Drive.
How is the demand for your products? What is driving this demand?
Our products are used where high volumes are needed to be machined with a high accuracy and in a very efficient process. 
Could please elaborate on some of the emerging trends that are being observed in metal cutting & machine tool accessories segments?
As mentioned, we see us strongly in the area of new markets of electro-mobility to machine several parts all around this area such as battery housing, electric engine parts, scroll compressor parts, pump, eg.  
Are you going to launch any new product/technology/application at the IMTEX 2019 (& or ToolTech 2019)? If yes, please elaborate
We present our latest version of our new Touch-Control with Industrial 4.0. We also will present our new automation solution that is attached into an machine which gives the chance of a very small footprint with even the highest efficiency of a robot loaded cell. 
What are your expectations from IMTEX 2019/ToolTech 2019?
Our aim will be to approach new customers and also re-connect with our existing customers. 
Any message for visitors/exhibitors at IMTEX/ToolTech 2019
Come and get inspired by our new and latest developments and the outstanding performance of SW machines as well as how well the machines are designed. 
What are your growth plans for the company?
We are planning growth at approximately 7 per cent in 2019 worldwide.


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