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SUHNER develops new handpiece with fix quick release

In order to drive efficient methods of working forward, SUHNER has developed a new handpiece with a fix quick release for connecting to these tools, which is used to change abrasives in the blink of an eye. Today, professional grinding, brushing or polishing is generally carried out using a universal machine with a flexible shaft, which have become almost indispensable. The high output of these machines not only ensures the best results but also ensures huge time savings. They can also be used for a wide range of applications, thanks to a large number of handpieces and attachments designed with practical applications in mind.
One click is all it takes. The big activation button can be pressed safely and easily, even if one is wearing work gloves. With a ROTOmax drive unit (active brake), the work change process is over in 20 seconds. This saves a lot of time and money, particularly when work processes need to be repeated.
This robust handpiece has been developed for long duration applications in industry. A broad range of mandrels and spindles enables people to work with almost all types of grinding wheels and polishing wheels, from coarse to fine grain. From brushing to mirror finishing. The high accuracy of the bayonet connector prevents vibrations being transferred to the user.
SUHNER provides demo services for application expertise. This offers interested parties expert advice, free of charge, from experienced field workers. The demo services vehicle carries all of the usual tools, attachments and abrasives, and the right end-to-end solution can be found directly on site based on the actual workpieces.


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