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STMicroelectronics’ audio amplifiers with auto diagnostics make vehicles safer

10 August 2018
STMicroelectronics has launched FDA803D and FDA903D digital-input automotive audio amplifiers, which are richly featured to simplify integration and maximise reliability in telematics and emergency-eCall equipment, Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS) in hybrid/electric vehicles, and to enhance high-end infotainment systems.
With I2S and TDM digital-audio inputs and feedback-after-filter topology for low noise and high sound quality, these 1x45W class-D amplifiers simplify design and save BOM costs. Combining these features with full I2C automotive-grade diagnostics including unique offset and open-load detection in play mode, the FDA803D and FDA903D realise the next generation of amplifiers for cost-effective essential safety equipment. Thanks to these integrated features, they simplify certification to the required ISO 26262 ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level), too.
The FDA903D has an additional load-current monitoring feature, which allows continuous monitoring of the speaker thus enabling advanced diagnostics as well as speaker performance enhancement.
The devices extend ST’s FDA family of robust full-digital audio amplifiers for automotive applications, which includes 2-channel and 4-channel devices up to 4x135W with features for reliable diagnostics and ST’s innovative feedback-after-filter concept.
By delivering high audio quality with low distortion, the FDA803D and FDA903D can be used for adding extra audio channels to high-end infotainment systems, in addition to being incorporated in safety equipment. They can drive down to 2?-load speakers and feature built-in output-power limiting to protect small or low-cost speakers. Efficiency of up to 90 per cent (4?, 1kHz, 20W), and high thermal performance from the PowerSSO36 package with exposed underside heat spreader, allow heatsink-free designs that permit smaller modules and simplify mounting in the vehicle.
The FDA803D and FDA903D have a wide supply-voltage range of 3.3V to 18V, allowing use in a variety of equipment powered from the car battery or other sources. They are tested according to CISPR class V to help ensure compliance with stringent EMC specifications for automotive equipment.


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