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SCHUNK EGS gripper swivel unit now available in 40 size

SCHUNK is continuing to expand its 24 V modular system for assembly automation: SCHUNK EGS - the world's most compact electrical gripper swivel unit – is now available in size 40, and thereby parts weighing up to 0.55 kg can be handled and rotated in extremely compact spaces. A coupling of the gripping and swivel gears, patented by SCHUNK, enables continuous rotation of the gripper without electrical feed-through. Backlash-free pre-loaded junction roller guides ensure high-precision gripping and a virtually constant gripping force over the entire finger length. In combination with SCHUNK ELP linear axes and SCHUNK EGP small component grippers, pneumatic-free assembly plants can be achieved based on 24 V technology.
The gripper swivel module equipped with standard connections is controlled either via fieldbus distributor or via digital I/O, meaning it is compatible with all common control systems and no additional costs and delivery times need to be taken into consideration for the periphery. All of the control and power electronics for decentralized control of the motor are directly integrated into the module. There is no need for any valve terminals like on pneumatic gripper swivel modules or drive controllers in the electrical cabinet. This saves space and - not to be underestimated - also a great deal of time when planning, procuring and commissioning. The latter is very easily solved, as is the transition onto a new range of parts: both the rotation speed and the gripping force can be regulated in several stages directly on the module by means of rotary switches. Angles of rotation between 30° and 270° can be attained. These are set mechanically directly on the module. Monitoring is possible via inductive proximity switches. Since the module is exclusively equipped with stationary, brushless and thus wear-free 24 V DC motors, and does not need moving cables, slip rings or shock absorbers, it increases the process stability and availability of assembly plants. The noise level also drops. The compact gripper swivel modules are available in sizes 25 and 40 with gripping forces of 15 N or 140 N and strokes of 3 mm or 6 mm for component weights up to 0.55 kg.


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