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SCHUNK’s polygonal clamping technology for driven tools

In the future, the high-precision SCHUNK TRIBOS polygonal clamping technology will also be used for lathes and automatic revolving transfer machines. SCHUNK, the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology, has developed special polygonal toolholders with ER cone for this purpose, which can be combined with all commercially available mountings for ER collets and with driven tools in particular. 
The clamping system uses the high accuracy of the ER taper and combines this with the precision of polygonal clamping technology. Instead of the less precise collet chuck, the TRIBOS mounting is simply inserted into the toolholder provided and fastened using the ER clamping nut. The advantage: the tools can be pre-adjusted in the TRIBOS mountings with an accuracy of 0.01 mm in length and can be exchanged in the collet chuck in a few steps. In this way, the user benefits from the shortest set-up times, and from a considerably higher repeat accuracy in the clamping system in terms of concentricity and projecting lengths compared to ER collet chucks.
TRIBOS even clamps tools with the smallest shank diameter with high precision. The one-part clamping system is resistant to dirt and has a high radial rigidity. TRIBOS polygonal toolholder with ER cone will be available in two designs from mid 2018: TRIBOS-Mini ER is an expert in the field of micro-machining and sets the benchmark when it comes to small shank diameters and particularly delicate machining. TRIBOS-RM ER, on the other hand, specialises in precise volume machining in high speed ranges. Its tremendous clamping forces enable high machining performance with excellent concentricity, and thus boost productivity. The truss-like design dampens vibrations and ensures that the tool has a long service life. Both designs will be available in sizes ER 11, ER 16, ER 20, ER 25, and ER 32 for clamping diameters from 1 to 6 mm (TRIBOS-Mini) or 3 mm to 12 mm (TRIBOS-RM). 
Due to a high concentricity and repeat accuracy and a balancing grade of G 2.5 at 25,000 rpm, the TRIBOS toolholders meet even the toughest requirements. Because the clamping system operates without any moving parts, it is not mechanically sensitive. Virtually maintenance-free and wear-resistant clamping is ensured. Endurance tests show no evidence of material fatigue, even after the clamping procedure has been repeated a thousand times. This makes TRIBOS clearly superior to other clamping technology like some ER collet chucks. Virtually maintenance and wear-free, the precision toolholders provide brilliant surfaces, minimal tool wear, and high machining performance in various industries. Meanwhile, TRIBOS has developed into one of the most comprehensive ranges for high-precision tool clamping. 
 For details, contact Satish Sadasivan (SCHUNK Intech India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore) on Tel: +91 80 4053 8999 or Email:


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