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Quality gas detectors can make a difference between life and death

Explosion due to gas (LPG or PNG) leak can severely damage property and can also lead to causalities. Hence, installing a gas detector of good grade is very crucial to have an optimum protection against explosions and mishaps.
Although food is the most important ‘daily bread’ for human living, cooking of the same can be life taking as well. Whether it’s a stove, grill, fryer or any other cooking equipment, LPG and PNG leaks present a constant flammable risk to the workers as well as to the property. 
Back in 2017, a fire claimed 12 lives at Bhanu sweatmeat shop in Saki Naka. Owing to which, BMC had directed all distributers, consumers and commercial establishments to install gas leak detectors at their premises. Despite of such mandatory instructions given by BMC, many commercial units are seen violating the safety norms even today. 
What we do is: Either install a low quality gas detector and compromise on safety or file an FIR followed by a huge media coverage and some relief amount to the affected families. That’s it! The root-cause and so the preventive measures are completely ignored.
In order to have an optimum protection against LPG explosions and mishaps, installing a LPG gas detector of good grade is very crucial. However, with so many choices available today, it’s undoubtedly challenging to pick one that’s perfect for your needs. Ambetronics LPG leak detectors consists of powerful gas sensors that are capable of detecting even the smallest leak thereby alerting the workers and the concerned authorities before the situation gets out of control.  
Listed below are the most common questions that are asked by the customers:
1. Which gas sensor is used in our gas detector?
In order to offer precise gas leak detection, Ambetronics uses Pellistor/Catalytic Bead Sensor that are capable of detecting the concentration of LPG/PNG gas in 0–100% LEL range having a resolution of 1 and an accuracy of ±2% of full scale.
2. Where will the gas sensor be located?
LPG gas is heavier than air and hence at the time of gas leakage it sits to the floor level. Whereas PNG being lighter than air it tries to escape higher to the ceiling.
In order to have an accurate detection, we recommend to mount our gas detector at a distance of:
LPG gas detector: 6 inches to 1 feet from the ground surface.
PNG Gas Detector: 1 feet above to the potential leakage source of PNG Pipeline.
3. How does the alarming system work?
LPG and PNG gases are highly flammable and explosive above 40% LEL. Hence whenever there is gas leak, it is very crucial to alert the workers as well as the security guards at the earliest. Ambetronics offers an audiovisual alarm that gives out two level indication using a hooter cum flasher.
For small kitchen sites, buzzer (with 80 db loudness) can be used instead of using a hooter (of 100 db loudness).
4. In case of gas leak, how will the gas detection system control the situation from worsening?
In addition to the highly sensitive gas sensors and prompt alarming system that alerts the workers within seconds of gas leakage, Ambetronics gas detection system also minimises the risk of damage by:
Automatically switches ON the exhaust fan, in order to ventilate the kitchen area
Automatically switches OFF the gas valve, in order to prevent further gas accumulation in air
Our Smart IoT Module (SIM) can send alert messages to concerned kitchen authorities – Informing them remotely about the disastrous situation even if they are not prevent at the site.
5. Can the gas detection system withstand the environmental hazards?
Other than the risk of fire & explosion, kitchen areas are also prone harsh environments consisting of dust, oil fumes, greasy floors, water splashes, etc.  Hence to withstand and ensure efficient leak detection even at such tricky environments, Ambetronics gas detectors and gas monitors are:
Enclosed in a flame-proof housing made up of cast aluminum alloy, LM-6.
IP 65 compliant ensuring protection from water, oil fumes and dust.
6. Are the products certified?
To ensure the long life and precise detection results at the site, Ambetronics offers complete 1 year instrument warranty for its gas detectors and gas monitors. One year sensor warranty is applicable only at ambient temperature applications as the sensor may get damaged at higher concentration online processes. Ambetronics products are PESO, CE, CMRI certified.
7. Do we offer technical support?
At Ambetronics we believe in offering optimum detection solution and that involves thorough study of the kitchen site and its probable leak areas. Our Services Engineers personally monitor the entire installation process and are available 365X24X7 for any further support needed.
For details, contact Ambetronics Engineers Pvt Ltd on Tel: 022 6167 3056, Mob: 093206 19646, Email: or visit


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