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Perkins launches electronic diesel engine in India

Mumbai, August 1, 2018
Perkins has launched the first electronically controlled diesel engine, utilising technology specifically designed for the 4000 Series range. The electronic engine will be made at the company’s Aurangabad facility, meeting India’s Central Pollution Control Board – II norms, and is a significant investment by Perkins to serve the Indian market. This new product, an electronic diesel engine designed specifically for the Indian market, delivers 750 kVA prime electric power.
“The 4006 electronic engine delivers performance in a 6-cylinder, 23-litre configuration and gives users a number of significant advantages over competitive alternatives at 750 kVA prime node,” said Pankaj Jha, General Sales Manager (South Asia), Perkins. 
He added, “Other than being a more power dense engine with respect to competitive offerings due to Perkins’ unique electronic fuel system, the engine also provides a superior block or first load capability which creates value to customer segments in manufacturing, mining, hospitals, and other applications. Additionally, outstanding derate capability comes as standard with our electronic offering. The 4006 electronic engine is another demonstration of our continued commitment to serving customers in India. In fact, the feedback from Indian customers was the primary driver of investment in this program.”
The new 4006 electronic engine also offers simplified service requirements and the ability to operate over a broad range of ambient temperatures and altitudes, making it an ideal choice for the Indian power generation market. It is built on the core of the current 4000 Series engine manufactured at Aurangabad with substantial enhancements to many of that engine’s features.
Electronic monitoring and control of the 4006 electronic engine is a key reason for the product’s outstanding load acceptance and ability to operate efficiently in Indian ambient conditions. The 4006 electronic engine’s control system is compatible with the Perkins EST diagnostic tool used to improve the speed and accuracy with which engine issues are resolved and opens the possibility of integrating the 4006 electronic engine with other monitoring and control systems that may be implemented by end users.
“The steady evolution of the powerful 4000 Series has taken place over a number of years, thanks to significant investment from Perkins. We are very excited to present the new 4006 electronic engine to our customers in India,” said Abhinav Gupta, South Asia Marketing Manager, Perkins.
Tommy Quan, Asia Sales Director, Perkins, added, “The 4006 electronic engine is a significant advancement in the Indian-built 4000 Series and offers a very competitive total cost of ownership. It delivers the benefits of electronic control in a highly power dense package that has been optimised for Indian power generation.”
Completed in 2015, the Aurangabad plant, where the 4006 electronic engine is manufactured, has the capacity to produce up to 3,000 engines per year. Aurangabad is one of two Perkins plants in India. The other facility at Hosur produces the Perkins 1100 and 2000 Series engines.
Perkins is one of the world’s leading suppliers of off-highway diesel engines in the 4-2000 kW (5-2800 hp) market. These engine solutions are used by leading manufacturers in the industrial, construction, agricultural, materials handling and electrical power generation markets. 


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