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Nowadays high end CNC machines are popular with SMEs

The new generation industrial development is progressing very fast. The development of AI is going to help business growth in the coming years. Though there are challenges, a sea-change in production industry is expected in the next decade believes Tapas Chakraborty, Deputy General Manager, Technical, Raj Petro Specialities Pvt Ltd.
How has been the journey of Raj Petro Specialities so far?
Raj Petro Specialities Pvt Ltd is a multi-faceted lubricant manufacturing and marketing company having a complete range of industrial, automotive and speciality products. Raj Petro is a customer driven organisation offering a wide range of products under the brands of Kyros, Onwo, Zoomol, Stansol, Electrol, Rajol, Rajell, Rajprol and Rawax.
What is your opinion about the Indian machine tools industry?
Indian machine tools industry is progressing very fast in the last one decade, especially in the metal cutting sectors. Nowadays high end CNC machines are very popular even in SME segments. New generation entrepreneurs are more focused on productivity and quality output rather than initial investments.
How do you serve the metal cutting sector in India? 
We have a wide range of products for metal cutting sectors – both water-miscible and neat cutting oils. In fact, our biggest USP is the complete basket of products for metalworking fluids – metal removal fluid, metal forming fluid, metal protecting fluid and metal treating fluid, and even other non-metalworking lubricants such as hydraulic oil, way lube, gear oil and greases. We continuously give training to our key distributors and work closely with them to develop the business.
What is driving the demand for your products?
Our industrial lubricant product demand is growing much faster than the overall industry average in the last five years. Our metalworking fluid business is growing at more than 10 per cent CAGR. This is due to our strong customer base, wide range of product portfolio and customer-centric approach.
Tell us about your plans to tap the automotive and auto component industry. 
Our major businesses of industrial products are in auto OEMs and auto ancillaries. As slowly India, along with few other Far-East countries, is becoming a global auto hub, we are very much focused in this segment.
What are some of the emerging trends in the metal cutting segment?
Nowadays, people are more concerned about the overall cost of production, rather than only looking at one or two individual item costs. Hence, the concepts of cost-per-component, productivity, reduced downtime, enhanced tool life, versatile product to reduce inventory are becoming more popular, even in SME segments.
How is the industry preparing itself for Industry 4.0?
The term Industry 4.0 is still a bit confusing. With the advancement of AI, business growth is expected to be at fast pace in the coming years. For example, what humans can inspect a component in two-three minutes, a machine can do the same job with 100 per cent accuracy in just 15-20 seconds. Imagine the improvement of productivity in mass-scale production units. There are challenges like IT security, reliability of machine communication, etc. However, we may experience a sea-change in production industry in the next decade, compared to the last one.
What are the products or services that you will showcase at IMTEX/ToolTech 2019?
We will be showing some of our latest cutting fluids in both water-miscible and neat oil categories. There will also be some bio-degradable Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) products in our display stall.
What are your views on IMTEX/ToolTech 2019?
IMTEX/ToolTech is a very good platform for showcasing the latest technological development a company has undergone in recent past. It is also a perfect launching pad for new business development. Every year a good number of quality crowd visit this exhibition, and this time also, an equally effective footfall is expected at our stall.


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