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Neelkamal Agency offers Franke’s antifriction bearings in India

The Bangalore-based Neelkamal Agency is offering anti-friction wire race bearings manufactured by Franke GmbH, a 70-year old German company, for various applications. Anti friction wire race bearings have simple construction. The steel balls are embedded in a special thermal expansion plastic cage and 4 wires are supported at the 4 corners for smooth ball movement. The expertise of Franke's patented technology is world-wide used for machine tool, textile, printing, medical etc. application and, hence, it is a leader in this special design technology. The main features of these bearings are silent running, selection of bearing materials as per customer choice (steel, aluminum, plastic etc). 
Franke GmbH slim bearings and bearing elements are significantly lighter than conventional bearings but they present the same load capacity and are thus suited to precision applications with require low weight. The different structural elements seem to be simple but they present high adaptability, high rotational speeds which are usual in textile machines and packing machines. The handling technology results in higher productivity and faster clock times. Circumferential speeds of up to 25m/s are possible. 
These bearings are easy to mount. The four open race rings are easily fixed in the right position. The flexible ball cage is already equipped with balls and is ready to be inserted. Re-adjustment is always possible during the complete lifetime of the bearing, etc.
For details, contact Neelkamal Agency Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, on Tel: 080 2686 0755, or email:


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