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Machine tool sector is taking keen interest in 3D printing

3D printing represents a growing interest for the machine tool sector in India. In fact, While up to few years ago 3D printing was mainly focused on prototyping, it is now used in mass customised production, specifically in aerospace, automotive, defense, healthcare, etc. Swapnil Sansare, CEO, Divide By Zero Technologies, says, his company will show the world what 3D printing technology can truly offer to the industry at IMTEX 2019.
How is the additive manufacturing market in India? How is Divide By Zero Technologies serving this industry?
3D is touted to be the third industrial revolution and has been around for two decades. The popularity and accessibility of this revolutionary technology is increasing at fast and steady pace. As of one India’s leading 3D printer manufacturers, Divide By Zero (DBZ) has empowered clients various verticals such as medical, architecture, electronics, education, footwear, automotive, product design (prototyping), tooling, plastic molding and more.
We are Divide by Zero, a young and dynamic company that manufactures high-quality industrial grade award winning 3D printers. We have a stellar lineup of 3D printers that are efficient, affordable, professional and maintain an international quality standard. Divide by Zero has been awarded 3D printer manufacturer of the year and India design Mark award for its flagship 3D printer Aion 500Mk2. We are on a mission to demystifying technology and making it accessible to anyone who wishes to innovate, but lacks the 3D printing infrastructure.
Being first manufacturers of 3D printing machines in India, the knowledge and experience gives us a profound and holistic understanding of this technology. Armed with this expertise, we offer end-to-end rapid prototyping and 3D printing services in India. You don’t need to buy a 3D printer to harness its benefits in product development. 
How do you serve the machine tools sector in India?
3D printing represents a growing interest for the machine tool sector in India. In fact, while up to few years ago 3D printing was mainly focused on prototyping, applications are now moving towards mass customised production, specifically in aerospace, automotive, defense, healthcare and consumer products.
What is your opinion about Indian machine tools industry?
Indian Machine tool industry is growing fast and moving towards better speed, accuracy and versatility. The demand for advanced manufacturing techniques is increasing as the businesses are trying to find faster, better and cost effective ways of manufacturing.
How is the demand for your products? What is driving this demand?
The R&D team at Divide By Zero Technologies is always on its toes to bring you the finest solutions at the most cost-effective price. 
We believe that every enterprise, no matter how big or small, should have an opportunity to solve challenges using our technology.
The aim of Divide By Zero Technologies is to build indigenous technologies with international standards to create value and transform lives for the better by enabling innovation. Our team constantly focuses on innovation of new products, based on their in-depth knowledge and are always on the quest to learn more for an efficient and effective outcome. Our well-trained team understands customer’s business model, analyses your processes and provides a customized solution to ensure rapid production for comprehensive business growth.
We not only sell products and services, but also aim to be a part of client’s journey to success.
We stand by you throughout the entire lifecycle of the machine by providing effective after-sales service and support.
Could you please elaborate on some of the emerging trends in machine tools industry? How do you intend to tap these trends?
Not only the hardware but the software and machines that can talk to each other and report are in demand, AI and automation in tool industry has greater demand.
Our machines are IoT enabled and can talk to each other and even email users in case of failures and report on monthly basis to management.
We keep on innovating continuously and yearly 25 per cent of our profits are dedicated for innovation projects.
Are there any plans to launch any product at IMTEX 2019?
We are launching India’s first Laser Sintering 3D printer in IMTEX being 4th manufacturer of Industrial SLS 3D printing machines in the world. We will be proud to launch indigenously developed Laser sintering 3D printer.
This machine is 50 times faster than standard FDM machines. It is built for low batch manufacturing & affordable 3D printing that can mimic strength of molded components and can be used for end use part manufacturing.
The machine can print Nylon Pa11 for now and we are working on more advance plastics that can be 3D printed using this technology such as PEKK, Glass filled Nylon and more.
With the launch of this affordable Laser sintering 3D printer machine, we are looking forward to next bit revolution in 3D printing Industry.
Your comments on IMTEX/ToolTech 2019 
Being one of the largest machine tool expos in Southeast Asia, IMTEX has a well-known history for bringing to light, some of the best machines, tools and products from around the world that specifically aid in manufacturing processes of all kinds. DBZ is geared up to take part in the expo and show the world what 3D printing technology can truly offer.


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