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Keysight subsidiary Ixia launches software for visibility solutions management

Ixia Fabric Controller delivers zero-touch provisioning and visualisation of network packet brokers, taps and bypass switches.
Technology company Keysight Technologies’ subsidiary Ixia, has launched a new software solution for centralised management of a wide range of wired, wireless, and/or virtual visibility solutions. The new Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC) Centralised Manager supports network packet brokers, taps, bypass switches, and cloud visibility solutions via a single graphical user interface (GUI).
Today’s increasingly complex network infrastructure features on-premise, cloud and private data centre devices faced with increasing traffic volumes and escalating security threats. According to Cisco, annual global IP traffic will reach 4.8 ZB per year by 2022, or 396 Exabytes (EB) per month. Network complexity and threat sophistication increases demand that NetOps and SecOps teams automate low-level tasks and network traffic visibility for threat detection, analysis and response, according to Gartner.
“Serious gaps in device management can lead to performance issues, visibility blind spots and security vulnerabilities. Professionals responsible for managing enterprise networks need a resource that can provide a comprehensive view of their monitoring devices at any time, despite location. Ixia’s new IFC Centralised Manager delivers the centralised network platform needed to address those gaps, improve performance and reduce blind spots,” stated Recep Ozdag, Vice President, Product Management, Keysight’s Ixia Solutions Group.
IFC Centralised Manager eases configuration and monitoring of taps, virtual taps, data monitoring switches, and network packet brokers, including third-party devices, through a single pane of glass. IFC Centralised Manager includes a dynamic network topology map that shows the up or down status of supported devices and custom status providing visualisation of monitoring resources for improved security, performance, capacity planning and compliance, and real-time data acquisition from auto-discovered devices that is archived and presented in rich graphical formats for snapshot viewing and historical trend analysis. It has an enhanced high availability feature that supports primary and secondary units.


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