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Ion Exchange’s innovative products for water treatment challenges

Water is a scarce natural resource. With its diverse portfolio of products and services, Ion Exchange (India) Ltd has been helping its customers to overcome water and environment related challenges.
Water is a scarce natural resource. While humans have become the principal driver of environmental change, factors such as demography, economy and technology have significantly impacted our natural ecosystem. Maintaining a balance between the available resources and the ever-increasing water demand across all sectors presents a significant challenge today. 
With a legacy spanning over five decades, Ion Exchange has been assessing and developing innovative products and solutions for water and environment related challenges. A diverse portfolio of products and services enable the company to offer complete solutions for water, waste water management, solid waste management and now waste to energy not just to industries and municipalities but also deliver a complete package of sustainable solutions to communities, institutions and homes.
INDION Disc Tube Reverse Osmosis (DTRO) 
INDION DTRO, with its flat-sheet membrane technology, treats complex water with minimal pretreatment and footprint. It produces water which has very low dissolved solids, and is free from particulates, colloids and organic matter. Some of the salient features of the INDION DTRO system include - provision for inline dosing, inbuilt clean-in-place (CIP) for periodic membrane cleaning, auto and manual control of entire reverse osmosis (RO) plant, built-in safety features such as dry run protection, overload protection, etc. to prevent high pressure pump and membrane system from damage, onscreen simulation of complete operation and fault indication and high pressure systems to maximise recovery.
The INDION DTRO System offers multiple benefits such as:
  • Minimal pretreatment - INDION Multigrade Filter (MGF) and INDION Cartridge Filter (CF)
  • Up to 95 per cent total dissolved solids (TDS) removal and efficient handling of TDS fluctuation
  •  Low membrane replacement cost
  • Reusable quality of treated water
  • Smaller footprint and modular units
  • Upgradable system
  • Easy availability of spares & services with short delivery periods
The system offers varied applications such as - fresh water generation for army, navy, cruise liners & submarines, treatment of landfill leachate, treatment of complex waste water generated from industries such as distillery, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, tannery and many more.
INDION Multi Effect Evaporator (MEE)
The INDION MEE system compliments the INDION DTRO system to recover water and segregate dissolved solids present in the reject. The different types of systems offered by Ion Exchange include Falling Film (FF), Forced Circulation (FC), Thermo Vapour Re-compressor (TVR), Mechanical Vapour Re-compressor (MVR), Agitated Thin Film Dryer and Scraped Surface system. It uses evaporation and salt separation technology to convert the effluent to salt & reusable water thus achieving Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). 
INDION effluent recycle solutions are integrated to yield optimal benefits. For instance, recycle systems are combined with speciality water treatment chemical programmes that substantially reduce water discharge (for eg, cooling tower blowdown); & state-of-the-art effluent treatment plants are integrated with zero liquid discharge processes. They are backed by comprehensive operation & maintenance services, for high performance continuity.
INDION IPC Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
INDION IPC MBR is an innovation in MBR technology that combines the advantages of flat sheet and hollow fibre membrane systems while eliminating disadvantages of classically flat sheet MBR. The patented IPC flatsheet PVDF membranes allow operating waste water plants at extraordinarily higher flux thereby lowering footprint and energy demand combined with extremely good chemical resistance and life of membranes. The treated effluent meets all the discharge standards and can be reused without using chemicals.
The IPC MBR plant offers significant advantages as compared to conventional MBR Membranes in performance and lifecycle costs of the recycle system. INDION IPC-MBR reduces the unit cost of water, making it affordable for use by municipal corporations & industries to treat effluent/sewage/contaminated water, making it an alternate source of water. In addition, the technology is replicable and can be installed in housing complexes, hotels, institutions for similar purposes.
ANDICOS waste to energy
The ANDICOS system is an advanced integrated process for energy recovery through integration of waste water and organic solid waste.
The ANDICOS design integrates state-of-the-art technologies like INDION IPC MBR and INDION Advanced Bio-methanation process to treat a combination of solid waste generated in sewage treatment process and organic kitchen waste generated in homes & communities. 
The combined waste is first homogenised in a pretreatment process followed by bio-methanation in the INDION Advanced Bio-methanation Reactor. The resultant biogas is further polished in a post treatment process to produce energy using biogas engine. Alternatively, the biogas can be further purified and compressed for use as an alternative fuel to compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied compressed natural gas (LNG) or used as heat source for producing hot water. The system is integrated with INDION Odour Control System. The heat generated from the biogas is used to dry the excess sludge to produce organic fertiliser that meets the required hygiene standards for use in agriculture and landscaping.
About Ion Exchange
Ion Exchange (India) Ltd (IEI) is a pioneer in water treatment with a legacy spanning over five decades. It offers water treatment solutions across the entire water cycle - that is from water treatment and conservation, sea water desalination through production and processes to effluent treatment, recycle/zero discharge and drinking water. 
IEI’s first R&D centre was established in 1965, (the oldest in the water segment in India) and has developed a host of products & technologies that have enabled us to retain our leadership in innovation & quality. IEI has over 100 new products developed/launched and over 10 patents in the water treatment domain. It also has a rich history and continue to form technical partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies. Its R&D Centers are located in Maharashtra (for engineering production development), Andhra Pradesh (for chemicals) and Gujarat (for resins). 
Formed in 1964, IEI, renowned for its world class ion exchange resins for applications in industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, nuclear, chemical, sugar and many more, pioneered the production of resins in India with the country’s first resin manufacturing unit at Ankleshwar, Gujarat which was ISO 9001 certified and was also the first in India with an FDA (India) approval for manufacturing pharmaceutical grade speciality resins. Its industrial chemical plant at Patancheru was also the first facility in the water treatment chemical sector to obtain an ISO 9001 certification. IEI introduced the Reverse Osmosis (RO) concept into the country and were the first in India to manufacture RO membrane element at Halol, Kalol in Gujarat. IEI also manufactures high performance membranes (HYDRAMEM) which belongs to the latest generation of membrane technology for industrial, institutional and domestic applications. Its integrated RO membrane manufacturing facility was inaugurated at Verna, Goa in 2017.
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