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Industry Chambers must become a two-way channel between industry and government: FICCI President Rashesh Shah

FICCI President Rashesh Shah said recently at a National Executive Committee meeting held in Chennai, that, Industry Chambers' role must change now from just a one-way channel for facilitating the industry's needs through government to also ensuring that the government and people's expectations and needs are also translated into reality.
Addressing the Consultative Committee of City Chambers of Commerce (CCCCC) in Chennai, Rashesh Shah said, "India is changing rapidly and the role of chambers is also changing from just being an advocacy group for the industry. We also have to now translate the needs of the government, the needs of the country, to the industry."
He also said that India is at a fascinating stage of economic growth and it needs lot of investments to create jobs and boost growth and for that we need to channelise savings. Shah added, this also requires promoting entrepreneurship and diversity in the boardrooms and FICCI is running various programmes to ensure more and more women join boards of different companies.
He said that FICCI is promoting MSMEs and startups in a big way and city and regional industry chambers and platforms like CCCCC have a critical role in taking this, to much higher levels. The CCCCC members acknowledged the role of FICCI in addressing their needs and concerns.


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