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In India, the demand is growing for quality products

In this competitive market, many foreign players are emerging with competitive pricing and higher performance. Ronak Shah, Director, Kemtree Enterprises thinks the focus is to keep challenging ones own quality standards and have continuous improvements for an enhanced customer experience.
Tell us about your company along with the products and services offered by it.
Our company Kemtree Enterprises Pvt Ltd was established in October 2013 with the purpose of manufacturing high quality industrial lubricants and grease under the brand KEMTREE. Currently our focus is on manufacturing high quality metal working products and industrial lubricants. We are also doing well in the field of lithium and lithium complex grease.
What is your opinion about Indian machine tools industry, in general, and metal cutting sector, in particular?
The industry is moving at a fast pace, with many foreign players coming into the market with competitive pricing and higher performance. At the same time, there are many Indian players who are focusing on improving their qualities.
How is the demand for your products? What is driving this demand?
In India, the demand is growing for quality products, and the customers are asking for products that can meet performance requirements. The selection of products based on price is still prevalent in India, but gradually reducing.
Do you also serve automotive and auto component industry? If yes, then how do you plan to tap the automotive & auto component industry in India?
Yes, we do supply to the auto component manufacturers in India. Beginning from cutting oils (both mineral oil based and semi-synthetic) for the machining to rust preventive oils for indoor and outdoor protection, we have a decent range of products. We are now working on industrial cleaners.
Tell us about some of the emerging trends that are being observed in the metal cutting and machine tool accessories segments.
In our field of lubricants and coolants, customers are demanding products that can perform at higher coolant flow rates and pressures, better rust protection, improved tool life, lesser foam, all at once.
Brief us about your products/technologies/services that will be showcased at IMTEX/ToolTech 2019.
During IMTEX, we will be focusing on high quality semi-synthetic cutting fluids and rust preventive oils.
What are your past experiences of IMTEX, and your expectations for this year’s IMTEX/ToolTech?
This is the first time that we will be exhibiting at the IMTEX. We are looking forward to it.
What are your growth plans for the company?
We are setting up a new blending unit at Wada for the manufacturing of industrial lubricants and all metal working fluids. This unit is expected to be in production from 15th January 2019. The focus is to keep challenging our own quality standards and have continuous improvements for an enhanced customer experience.  We are also focusing on having more channel partners across India for reaching the smaller requirements.


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