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INTEC would help ELGi to build awareness: Ramesh Ponnuswami

ELGi will be participating in this year’s INTEC as the platinum supporter. As a pioneer of air compressors, with expanded capability for conducting air audits, the company aims to add value to customers in this sector to minimise energy usage, maintenance and ownership cost of its compressors, says Ramesh Ponnuswami, Executive Director, ELGi Equipments.
What are your offerings for the machine tools industry?
Our association with the machine tools industry spans more than fifty years. Air compressors are used in the machine tools industry for changing tools, operating pneumatic tools and cleaning. Based on customer’s compressed air requirements, we recommend the right compressor model which helps them to gain the lowest life cycle cost for their compressed air systems. We supply both oil lubricated reciprocating compressors and screw compressors for this segment.
What kind of demand do you see for compressors currently?
Demand for our products is directly linked to industrial growth. With the Indian industrial GDP growing consistently over the recent years, opportunities emerge for us in the form of new investments in capacity, expansion of existing capacities and replacement demand.  Compressors are used in all industries in one shape or form. As the economy grows, we see demand pick up across segments. We currently see good prospects in segments such as infrastructure, food and beverage, general engineering and so on.
How will you use INTEC 2019 as a platform?
INTEC 2019 is a much-awaited exhibition highlighting technological advancements in the manufacturing industry. ELGi is a regular participant at INTEC. Being the platinum supporter for this event, we will be displaying our electric lubricated screw compressors, direct drive piston compressor and heat recovery system. INTEC would help us to build awareness and reinforce ELGi’s superior technological capabilities to prospective customers in this region.
What are your plans to serve the machine tools sector and how do you intend to do it?
We will continue to provide our customers products that are appropriate for their needs. Especially with expanded capability for conducting air audits, we can add value to our customers in this sector to minimise energy usage, maintenance and ownership cost of our compressors.
Tell us about the products that ELGi will launch.
We will be launching our encapsulated (ENCAP/EN) screw air compressors with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). We will also be showcasing heat recovery system at this event. ELGi has consistently ensured that all its products are in-line with customer’s needs and industry expectations. Our ENCAP series has been very successful globally. As part of our aim to be Always Better, we are now introducing an upgraded range with improved energy consumption and higher performance, providing enhanced value to our customers.
The EN series addresses customer’s varying air flow demands with high energy efficiency. The EN VFD optimizes air flow by varying the speed of the compressor according to demand and saves energy costs unlike that of fixed speed compressors. The EN series models also come equipped with smart controllers that monitor, control and protect the compressor from failures by shutting down the compressor whenever necessary.
ELGi’s heat recovery system (HRS) helps companies to recover approximately 96 per cent of the heat generated during the compression process which can then be utilised for heating air (space) or water. This in turn eliminates additional equipment requirements to heat water or air, thereby becoming a great energy saving device and incidentally contributes significantly to reduction in CO2 emissions.
What are you anticipating from INTEC 2019?
ELGi has always placed primary importance on delivering high performance, energy efficient air compressors with the lowest ownership cost for our customers. We do this through continuous investments in technology. At INTEC 2019, we hope to re-emphasize our contributions to the air-compressor industry as a key player and look forward to interacting with prospective customers, other exhibitors and visitors who will be attending this exhibition. You can visit us at stand no 2 in Hall B.


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