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Hoffmann Group launches new GARANT tools at IMTEX 2019

Bengaluru, 24th January 2019: Hoffmann Group, Europe's leading system partner for quality tools, announced the launch of three new innovative cutting tools at the IMTEX 2019. Hoffmann is participating in the 19th Indian Metal-Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition (IMTEX) being held at BIEC, Bangalore.
“True innovation in any industry isn’t just about the hard work. It’s also about quality. We at Hoffmann have been very dedicatedly working towards introducing products that can help revolutionise the machine tools industry. From a performance perspective, our products are great performers and the GARANT family which is one of Hoffmann’s own tool brands, provides some of the finest tools for various sectors. We are delighted to introduce three new tools to our offerings in India,” said Dr. Christian Kober, Senior Vice President, Asia, Hoffmann Group.
The debutant tools at the event include the GARANT Master Titan, Parabolic Performance Cutting (PPC) and Master Tap. Titanium is a super-class material – light, stable and durable. At the same time, titanium is difficult to produce, difficult to process and correspondingly expensive. This makes reliability more important and need the highest possible process reliability when machining pieces made of titanium. That's why Hoffman has expanded their high-end GARANT Master product family to include cutters for titanium processing. The Master Titan family tools are made from premium substrate for max bending strength, polished chip flutes to reduce adhesion, defined edge hones for superior tool life, advanced coating that reduces heat input and leads to high wear resistance, and overall the tools offer a max process reliability. These tools offer impressive process reliability, productivity and up to 50 per cent longer tool life. This portfolio different forms of tools such as square/radius, torus and ball nose. These tools are highly useful for customers in aerospace and medical industries that use different titanium grades extensively such as Ti99.5, TiAl6Zr4Mo2Sn2, TiV10Fe2Al3 and TiAl6V4.
The Garant PPC is the new strategy for very high productivity. These solid carbide barrel milling cutters reduce process times and increase surface quality. The main USP of this product is the barrel design (larger effective radius on cutting edge) and PPC machining strategy that leads to a greater saving in cycle times, better surface finish, extreme wear resistance and outstanding process reliability. The PPC is a further development of ball-nosed slot drilling. The main application is finishing operations of complex free-form surfaces and complicated components in general machine tool building, tool and mold making. PPC tools are also used where very high surface quality is required – for instance for press tools, to minimise subsequent polishing operations. The efficient use of PPC tools requires the use of suitable CAD-CAM software which can process the tool geometry in the data model.
The high-performance GARANT MasterTap offers threads processing for a wide range of materials. The unique combination of high-quality cutting material, innovative geometry and state-of-the-art coating technology leads to enormous performance for a variety of materials such as aluminium, steel, inox, brass or casting.
Manav Goel, Director, Hoffmann India, said, “We have been in the Indian market for 2 years now and it has so far been a great experience for us. India proves to be a growing and promising market. Hoffmann puts in a lot of effort and thought behind the technologies and materials used in the production of these new tools and we are sure that these three innovations will also get a good response in the Indian market.”
Apart from its debutant tools, Hoffmann is also exhibiting some of its other innovations such as GARANT TPC, GARANT Master Steel Speed, GARANT Master Steel Feed, GARANT Master TM, GARANT ZeroClamp, GARANT Xpent and GARANT ToolCar.


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