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Henkel launches novel gap filler for aerospace structures

In a busier sky than ever, the aerospace industry relies on strong partners capable of meeting its growing demands for more efficient and lightweighting composite materials with an uplift in global availability. Germany’s Henkel answers these needs with the expansion of the company’s production facilities at Montornès del Vallès in Spain (which is scheduled to go on-stream in June 2019) and a continuing focus on innovative solutions designed to enhance the sustainability and consolidation of composite structures. 
The company presented Loctite EA 9378 AERO - an innovative next-generation liquid shim material under development - at JEC World 2019 (held in Paris from March 12-14, 2019). “As a gap filler for use as an integral component in primary aerospace structures, the new grade builds on the proven weight and fuel saving benefits of our broad existing portfolio of Loctite liquid shim solutions, while offering even faster curing rates at ambient temperature. The material will help OEMs in the industry reduce both carbon emissions and manufacturing costs in a wide range of consolidated structural designs,” explained Alessandro D’Angelo, Head of Sales Europe for Henkel.


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