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Grind Master CEO Sameer Kelkar gives TEDx Talk

Sameer Kelkar, CEO and R&D Head of Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd recently gave a TEDx Talk titled “Zen and the Art of Mountain Wandering”. Sameer Kelkar spoke about mountain wanderings, discovering places and self via exploration. His experiences ranged from expeditions in the Himalaya to mountain biking in the Alps among others.
“‘Mountains are for Climbing’ is in the bones of all of us here at Grind Master, and we are proud of Sameer’s achievements and attitude which reflects the highly passionate and innovative culture of Grind Master. It is these core values that we believe in will guide and lead our company in the future to deliver breakthrough technology and value to the manufacturing industry,” said the company in a press release.
In addition, it was a double delight for Grind Master Group to receive two awards during the conference on “Future of Manufacturing” and Pinnacle Awards for Excellence in Manufacturing organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). While Grind Master received award for its “Organized and Impactful Efforts in Research & Development” and Sameer Kelkar (CEO and R&D Head) was presented the “Young and Emerging Leader in Manufacturing Tomorrow” award.


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