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Givi Misure introduces Absolute Scales for Fanuc and Siemens CNC applications

Givi Misure has introduced its latest products for absolute position measurement exclusively for Fanuc, Siemens and other PLC/ CNC controllers. These products will be displayed at IMTEX 2019.
Givi Misure is pioneer in position feedback devices such as optical scale (incremental & absolute), magnetic scale (incremental & absolute) and encoders (incremental & absolute). 
The absolute measurement is very useful, where frequent power failures occur. Absolute Scales do not require homing or referencing after each power failure, and thus increasing the machine utilisation time. Sometimes, it is very difficult and time consuming to retract the tool for homing purpose after power failures. In such case, Absolute Scale measurements become very useful to start the machining operation immediately after mains power supply is restored.
These Absolute Scales are compatible with FANUC αi CNC system and Siemens DRIVE CLiQ interface. Absolute Scales interface and the connectors have been designed such that the scales can be interfaced on plug & play method.
The salient features of the scale are as follows:
  • Direct Interface for FANUC αi series GVS 608F
  • Drive CLiQ inter face for Siemens GVS 608D CNC Systems 
  • Absolute optical scale with scale measuring support up to length of 3240mm
  • Resolution up to 0.1µm.Accuracy grade up to ±1 µm
  • Innovative device inside the scale for the disposal of liquids coming from inefficient filtering systems
  • Adjustable connecting cable output
  • Connector incorporated into the transducer
  • Small size, to allow installation in narrow spaces
  • General absolute scale is also available with SSI-BiSS interface GVS 608
Givi Misure supplies various products. It offers incremental and coded reference, optical scales for lengths up 20,000mm, with different resolutions ranging from 0.1 micron. These scales have been used for CNC machines and manual machines. 
Magnetic scales up to any desired lengths and resolutions are available for different applications of metal cutting, wood working, injection moulding, metal forming and other machinery automation. 
Givi Misure encoders are popular among users for their reliability and quality. These encoders are available for incremental and absolute measurements of linear and rotary movements. 
The company holds a dominant market share of press brake scales (incremental and absolute) worldwide. Givi Misure press brake scales are used by major OE manufacturers throughout the world. Givi Misure’s digital readouts and position controllers have been widely used by OEMs and end users for low cost automation. 
Givi Misure is known for quality products, in time delivery, economical solutions and prompt service. These factors have increased the customer base to very large number. 
For details, contact Givi Misure Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, on Tel: 080 4127 2559, or Email:


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