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Germany’s SycoTec makes HF spindle as 5th axis of VMC

New Delhi-based PI-TECH Services is offering high-frequency spindles from the Germany-based SycoTec in India.
Some of the industrial components being machined on a VMC may have a feature requiring to be machined at a high rpm (revolutions per minute). These could be small-diameter holes or surfaces required to be finished with an end-mill operating at a high rpm. The more the operations clubbed in a single set-up, the greater will be the machining-accuracy, and closer the tolerance of centre-distance between the various machined surfaces. It would also eliminate the need for a secondary-operation machining set-up, extra material handling, and an additional operator. The cost-saving and time-saving would be enormous.
All this is possible thanks to SycoTec’s high-precision, high-rpm spindle (maximum speeds for various models being 20,000; 24,000; 50,000; 60,000; or, 100,000 rpm respectively) which can be mounted on a bracket fixed to any part of the machine. The location of the axis of this extra spindle (the 5th axis) can be monitored and its data fed into the CNC of the machine. This spindle will be run, with the main spindle remaining stopped, as per the programming done in the CNC.
SycoTec spindles are already being used in Europe for such applications, both by the component-manufacturers as well as by aeronautical giants like Boeing. These spindles and drives are being supplied in India in rupee-payment. In India, PI-TECH Services is the sole distributors for SycoTec’s product in India
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