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FastMig M: A new breed of industrial workhorse

The compact and lean dimension and reduced weight increases FastMig M’s usability and mobility in worksites. FastMig M incorporates advance control technology and strong duty cycle ensuring excellent arc characteristics, welding performance and increased productivity, says Ilhar Ul Hassan M S.
A multi-process welding solution from Kemppi delivering high performance in demanding industrial applications. FastMig M is a robust and heavy duty welding machine in modular design. Its compact and lean dimension and reduced weight increases its usability and mobility in worksites.  The modular design in hardware and software enables the user to choose the preferred configuration suiting their requirements. FastMig M incorporates advance control technology and strong duty cycle ensuring excellent arc characteristics, welding performance and increased productivity. 
FastMig M enables the use of both GMAW and MMA welding. There are two product package offerings to choose from for the optimal welding applications- regular easiness and synergic diversity. The regular package is for basic use where the controls are done by two knobs and the synergic package is for advanced demanding applications. The one knob control of the synergic package facilitates easy parameter setting and saves time. After selecting wire material, its diameter and the gas combination the required parameter can be controlled by the rotation of a single knob. 59 welding programs come as standard in the package ranging from steel, stainless steel, aluminium and even brazing application. In steel, it covers solid as well as flux cored and metal cored applications. The synergic package also offers voltage fine tuning keeping the set wire feed speed or current constant. 
FastMig M comes with three power levels and three wire feeders supporting both regular and synergic package. The required configuration can be selected us per the user’s requirement increasing equipment efficiency and utilization. Whatever configuration you choose, it’s easy to upgrade later when the need arises. The available power sources are FastMig M 320A, 420A and 520A. When FastMig M 420A and 520A powers source delivers maximum current at 60 per cent duty cycle the FastMig M 320A power source deliver it at 100 per cent duty cycle. And at 100 per cent duty cycle FastMig M 420A and 520A machines delivers maximum current of 380A and 430A respectively which are figures that talk themselves. 
Multi-voltage version of power source FastMig M 420A is also available. The three wire feeder combinations available are FastMig MXF 63, MXF 65 and MXF 67 where MXF 63 supporting a 200mm wire spool while MXF 65 and MXF 67 supporting 300mm wire spool. FastMig MXF 67 has an extra strong dual-skin plastic casing for enhanced protection. Cooling unit can also be integrated as per the requirement. 
Upto 5 programs along with other features can be saved in the memory channel and easily recalled in the synergic package providing even more easiness in parameter setting. Additional control features like Hot Start, Crater Fill, Creep Start, MiniLog and Panel Lock also comes along with normal process settings. The normal process setting like Pre-gas and Post gas will get automatically set in the synergic package according to the selected program which also can be changed as per requirement.
FastMig M synergic version allows the usage of Kemppi’s Wise and Match software modules for welding optimisation. Increased welding speed upto 30 per cent higher, penetration, quality, and ease of use are achievable with WiseFusion. WiseFusion is a special process for synergic MIG/MAG and pulsed arc welding. It keeps the welding arc focused so that the arc density concentrates in a narrow area. Providing better penetration and faster travel speeds. 
In addition to that, lower deformations in the welded material means less straightening work, saving time and money. WisePenetration application software delivers consistent power to the weld pool regardless of distance changes and deviations between the welding gun nozzle and work piece, reducing welding defects and parameter adjustments. WiseRoot and WiseThin gives optimized root pass welding and thin sheet welding respectively. Employing WiseRoot increases the speed by three times when compared to TIG for root pass welding. WiseThin Provides 10-25 per cent lower heat input than normal MIG/MAG welding, reducing post weld material distortion. These Wise features will provide improved adaptability in demanding industrial applications. MatchLog enables quick change in welding parameters during welding increasing productive time.
SuperSnake extends the reach of standard Euro MIG welding guns, providing simple distance wire feeding for a variety of filler wires. The SuperSnake GT02S/ GT02SW removes the need to carry wire feed units, reducing personnel fatigue, improving safety, and increasing productivity. SuperSnake extends your working range with FastMig M up to 30m. MagTrac from Kemppi integrated with FastMig M assures simple way to gain the benefits of mechanized welding. Ensuring fast travel speeds and constantly high quality each time. 
FastMig M finds its application in ship building, pressure vessel and boiler manufacturing, railways, heavy machinery fabrication and many more. It is a reliable and robust work horse for the current industrial applications.
About the Author:
Ilhar Ul Hassan M S is Solution Engineer at Kemppi India. He is an M Tech in Welding Engineering from NIT Trichy.


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